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About This Site

I believe hypnosis is a valuable skill anyone and everyone should posess.

With basic hypnosis skills you can start improving the lives of the people around you, as well as your own – by using self-hypnosis techniques.

That is why on this site I will bring you some of the best hypnosis training available in the world – especially the products that are available online, but also books and some live training.

I cannot include every single hypnosis course or training available, especially since I only recommend material from trainers I have trained with myself or have had the opportunity to learn from.

I am still continuing to learn and expand my knowledge and expertise – as I have been taught by the best of my teacher (who still do the same, even with decades of experience as trainers themselves).


So, if you have a question for me, or want to suggest a course or a trainer for me to review, please contact me using the form on the side or the bottom.

I hope you enjoy the ride – there is really none like it 😉

Or as Dr. Richard Bandler likes to put it:

“There 1 question you really should be asking yourself:

Trance on!