Best Hypnotherapist Melbourne: Rob Mellett is endorsed by Igor Ledochowski

Rob has developed hundreds of hours of practical experience in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy and transformed the lives of people around him.  Rob brings a very high level of enthusiasm and passion into his trainings and is extremely driven to help his clients break through their problems and transform their lives.

Igor Ledochowski, Founder of the Hypnosis Training Academy


Understanding people and what makes them tick is essential to running a successful business. Also having the fundamental knowledge in how to sell to people and increase your sales is vitally important. Working with Rob gave me the understanding of how to sell effectively and know how to deal with difficult customers.

Rob comes from a different perspective, connecting with your clients, asking the right questions and connecting on their deepest needs. This in turn gets you the most effective results.  I highly recommend Rob, follow his proven methodology and you will see great results, in life and business.

Andrew Mioch, Relationship Coach for Make Him Mine


I tried hypnosis when everything else failed me. I realized some time ago that I had already been hypnotized by everyone in my life that had influenced me until then that had pushed and pulled me into every other direction except where I wanted to go.

At first I was reluctant to try hypnosis on the basis of what I had seen on stage but when I knew that my conscious mind could understand but I still could not do it I knew I had to go deeper.  Psychologists helped me to understand but I was still immobilized.

Coaches are more about what to do, but if you can’t take action then you cannot apply it. What I have learned now is that I should of tried hypnosis first!

I have actually tried two other hypnotists before you. One read from a book and the other was not up to date with modern concepts and had antiquated views which stifled me.

Rob Mellett was able to draw me into a trance and skilfully solve my problems by allowing me to do the work by pointing me in the right direction and asking the right questions. You brought me to the doorstep of fear and made me face it in a safe place being my mind and then resolving the unresolved issues. I now have a sense of inner confidence which I now must bring out into the world.

Rob said on his Meetup page that he specializes in breaking through people’s limiting beliefs and I have found this to be true and correct. I look forward to developing in other areas of life with Rob and strongly recommend him to all those open minded enough to try as I know that he will go on to help many in his lifetime.

Tony, Melbourne

In the last few months after fully committing to Rob’s 8 Weeks of Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs I have launched a massive product – creating 40 hours of video, over 400 pages of content and marketing it to the world.  My expression, ability to carry a message has surpassed the initial goal to just ‘think better’, now I have become a force of nature.

To every great moment in life there is always a story. My story of how I found a productive mentality, an expression of myself and the ability to live a great life would be impossible to tell without including Rob Mellett.

I had met Rob Mellett years ago while traveling through Europe. He had told me he was a hypnotist and I was unsure of what to think of it. At the time I had a ton of experience in coaching men’s live in the realms of life, sex and relationships and addiction. I like to do what works, and is effective and frown upon techniques that simply mask a problem.

He talked me into doing a session with him and 30 mins later I was sold. I can remember many parts of the session, but more importantly I can remember how I felt afterward. The clarity and self-assurance I felt I had never experienced before in such a simple way. What was most important in Rob’s process was not that he taught me how to ‘fake’ a state of confidence, he did something much different. In that single session he got me to go deep within myself and find the source of my early tension and conflict and relax it. I was then able to walk up through my life and see my fluid expression of self, rather than the static that normally clouded it. I had never known how confused I was going through life.

After that I was addicted. That was 3 years ago. For the past 3 years I have taken on a new path of hypnosis and working with Rob directly. I live in Austin, TX, USA and he lives in Melbourne AUS. Over the years we have worked out ways to work together on a regular basis. However, as soon as he started his 8 Week Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs I was on board. It was exactly what an entrepreneur like myself needed.

Once a week get taken through a simple, thorough and extremely effective hypnosis session confronting the different parts of the mind. Success is an inner game. Results are impossible to sustain and consistently maintain without the right mindset. As an entrepreneur you fail a lot. You run into wall after wall and often times depend on your creativity, work ethic and talent working in way most people can’t conceive. When your brain, mentality, perspective and outlook is not blocked by the mist of your subconscious you can’t be a full expression of yourself.

This is exactly what Rob has done for me. He took my conscious mind, my talents, my beliefs and virtues and tied them into an orchestration where they could sing together. My conscious and subconscious worked together to move myself into the most productive time of my life.

In the last few months after fully committing to Rob’s 8 Weeks of Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs I have launched a massive product – creating 40 hours of video, over 400 pages of content and marketing it to the world.

My expression, ability to carry a message has surpassed the initial goal to just ‘think better’, but now I have become a force of nature. I have become an absolute expression. My success is for mine to enjoy, but the story behind it has a huge part of Rob’s Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs – the Unlocking the Story of Success Within You.

Steve Mayeda, Founder of TSL


At first, I was a bit hesitant about hypnosis…there isn’t much information out there about it, and there is talk about it only being a temporary remedy. After my friend recommend me to see Rob for hypnosis, I was willing to try anything as seeing a psychologist did not help at all. Hypnosis is very different to seeing a psychologist, and much much more affective.

Every session has had such a powerful big impact on my life. Rob guides you through series of questions that allows you to get to the core problem. He then guides you ways to get rid of the problem. Similar to meditation, but you enter a much deeper level of consciousness; allowing yourself to see visualisations, and hear your ‘real self’ speaking to you and giving you advice.

Apart form remedying depression and anxiety, my biggest change has been solving my appetite problems. I’ve always had trouble eating as much as i would like, and am skinny as a result. Rob through hypnosis has helped me gain weight and has been very successful at doing that. I now enjoy cooking again, have gained a lot of weight since a few weeks ago, and am looking much better in shape.

I would highly recommend Rob to solve any type of behaviours that are not favourable in your life, as behaviour is linked to your emotions and thoughts. You leave every session with clarity and motivation to improve your life!

Harrison, Melbourne


Before my session with Rob, I was battling a 3.5 year addiction. I was trying to break the habit for over a year, and realized it was a problem 3 months before I did a session with unity hypnosis. Before hypnosis I tried to break the addiction using pure “will power”, I tried EFT (emotional freedom technique), Sigil magic, different types of meditations and trying to gradually reduce the habit. But it none of the above did anything effective.

If anything, I would abstain for a week and then give in and feel 100 times worse. When I decided to try hypnotherapy with Rob I was hoping that it could help as it was my last resort. At the same time, I was slightly sceptical. I didn’t think that hypnosis could break this addiction that was damaging my life in every way possible.

Immediately after the hypnosis session I felt something different. As if I was released from the shackles of my addiction. Could it really be over? I was wishing that it did, but the only way to really know was to wait and see if I relapsed. Its been a month and a day and my addiction is gone beyond any doubt. It’s a thing of the past. After battling it out for a year, all I needed was a session with unity hypnosis and the problem was solved. I still feel indebted. But I’ve never felt so liberated, ever!

So thank you Rob Mellett! It’s the closest thing to a miracle I’ve experienced.

Yassir, Melbourne


I recently joined Rob Mellett’s Coaching Program.  I’ve always struggled with confidence and conversational skills. It has severely impacted both my professional and love life. I’ve always been trying to find ways to practice and search for ways I can improve. I believe in being the best version of myself mentally, physically and financially.

After a only a month in the program, I’m already drastically seeing results. My conversational skills are rapidly increasing and I am able to approach people without fear.  This is truly a lethal asset to my career and future ambitions. I’m super excited for what’s to come and I truly feel I can be the person I’ve always aspired to be. Before Rob’s coaching, I found networking and influence beyond my grasp. Now I can see that I can become a major influence. What has surprised me most is how simple conversation can be and how much we over-complicate things. Rob has helped me tame the inner resentment I have. I highly recommend this to anyone who aspires to be the best version of themselves.

Ara, Melbourne


Before I met Rob I had hit a plateau in my weight loss, started to struggle to follow my diet plan by binge eating on foods at night time. I tried many things on my own but fell into a cycle on and off that I was unable to break through.

After talking to Rob he was able to help me understand why I kept falling into this pattern. We then did two sessions where Rob guided me through a trance which in itself was really awesome. I felt like Rob laid the foundation for change in our first session then really re-enforced it all in the second session.

Since doing these sessions with Rob I feel very strong and powerful to tackle my issues that were holding me back from losing weight, including a new found ease to avoiding foods that I would binge on and late night eating that I felt powerless to avoid previously.

Lawrence, Melbourne
Thank you so much for our session the other friday! It was an amazing experience for me & I am so grateful for what you gave me & the changes I feel within myself!
You helped me reconnect with part of myself that I had completely neglected & left behind.
That reconnection & reminder of my worth instantly reinstalled my boundaries & confidence in myself & my convictions! Hence helping me with my anxiety & every day has been a new day since!
There aren’t really words to fully describe it but having this strength & confidence back within myself has turned my world right way up & that I can be in control of my story & be proud!!
Thanks again & can’t wait for Friday!! I’m going to give you a big hug again!!! :)))
Mary x


I had wanted to change my diet and become a vegetarian for a long time, both for health and ethical reasons but somehow I found it harder than I’d thought.

So I decided to let Rob try to help me with hypnosis and I was amazed by how deep into my mind I could go and how good it made me feel. It all resulted in that I made a commitment to myself and now I’ve been a vegetarian for a couple of months and I feel great and proud- all with the help from only one hypnosis session… And Rob

Ellinor, Sweden


Before meeting Rob, I had a number of challenges I haven’t resolved yet. I have seen psychologist before and speaking about the challenges doesn’t always help. I was rather sceptical about Hypnosis and it was interesting how deep into the mind I can go. Hypnosis can be a great tool and highly recommend people to give this a shot.

Jovan, Melbourne


Rob Mellett is an amazing hypnotherapist that worked with me when I undertook a workshop with Charisma Coaching. He broke down my social limiting beliefs in less than an hour and completely reprogrammed my mindset with positivity.

Sahil, Melbourne


Hey Rob! Just leaving a testimonial for you. By undergoing a session of hypnotherapy with Rob I felt newly empowered like I never had, after enduring years of a very bad nail-biting habit. I’d had brief success for a couple of months by sheer willpower but relapsed and couldn’t get it under control and stop. By using mindful, visualization techniques Rob helped me picture accurately in my mind a place where I can leave the reasons for why I nail-bite in a ‘room’ in my mind. By accessing the subconscious that I know resides powerfully I know feel the constant strength to stop it and have been seeing them grow! Thanks Rob 🙂

Felicity, Melbourne


Rob is extremely dedicated to his clients and tailors his advice to the individual’s unique needs. Each time I step out of a coaching or therapy session with Rob, I feel instantly motivated and inspired. I cannot wait to discover what individual potential I could unlock in the near future!

Mitch, Melbourne

Rob helped  me to delve deeply into the reasons why I want to develop my own business. He helped me to meaningfully  scrutinise exactly why I want to take this step in my life and as such examine the type of life I want to have. He asked me questions that I have never been asked before, which consequently encouraged me to ask myself some rather searching questions. Rob listened attentively and his enthusiasm and charm are highly motivating. The biggest insight I gaining was that I needed to ask myself what kind of life I want in order to shape the business I want to take. Understanding the underlying reason for my motivation is key.  Through Rob’s careful questioning, he has encouraged me to see the worth of my expertise. He has opened up the avenues in which I need to take in order to begin my steps down entrepreneurship. The coaching experience has illuminated that asking the right questions are a powerful tool for unlocking one’s potential.

Kylie, Melbourne

As for our first session, I haven’t had a single craving or pang for alcohol and I’ve been playing golf, at a few bars, out to dinner, flying. All places I would have had a drink before. I feel great!  Thanks!

Tracy, California