Hypnosis Myths: The Biggest 10 Revealed

Hypnosis is one of the most fascinating subjects to talk about with people, because depending on where you’re from it’s more than likely you’ve heard stories about this controversial subject. I’ve seen a wide range of emotions as I’ve told people I’m a hypnotist, they’ve ranged from people thinking I’m some sort of ancient witch … Read More »

What is hypnosis?

In order to understand what hypnosis is and how it works, we have to take a look at how the mind works and how we process information.  Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that we can use to leverage the power of our mind and psychologically increase our performance and happiness in our lives.  Every … Read More »

Why does hypnosis work?

Most people seek out hypnosis to change their behaviour like stop smoking, gaining weight or the way they feel about something like anxiety, or recovering after a nasty breakup. A quick search on Google will reveal thousands of ways for people to have their desired result.  Each method outside of hypnosis has it’s own benefits … Read More »

Scientific Proof that Hypnosis works

Since it’s early roots in animal magnetism back in the 19th Century, Hypnosis has always stirred controversy among the medical and science communities as being fake because we have been unable to provide scientific proof.  The reason for this is because we lacked the technology to determine if hypnosis really was changing the brain, or … Read More »

Best Hypnotherapist Melbourne

Best Hypnotherapist Melbourne: Rob Mellett is endorsed by Igor Ledochowski Rob has developed hundreds of hours of practical experience in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy and transformed the lives of people around him.  Rob brings a very high level of enthusiasm and passion into his trainings and is extremely driven to help his clients break through … Read More »

Remove Anxiety, Doubts and Hesitation….So You Can Talk to Anybody

  This simple guide will help show you how to create a powerful state of confidence that will remove anxiety, hesitation and doubts when you speak to people. But first….a mentor once told me “competence creates confidence”. This means the more experience you have doing a task, you automatically become more confident from doing that task. Whereas, most … Read More »

Social Fear: Why you get nervous talking to people

I want to talk about the different approaches I’ve seen to dealing with social anxiety and fear, particularly when you want to talk to people.  I’ve come across many different ways of dealing with fear/anxiety. Some that are really effective and other methods which are just painful to watch people go through as they try and … Read More »

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Melbourne

We specialise in a unique European process that’s worked on thousands of people across Europe and the United States I know you’re tired of smoking and feeling exhausted, especially when you walk in the door after long hours everyday and you’re puffing and wheezing because of that short walk to your front door. I know … Read More »