Most people are very curious about what goes on in a hypnotherapist’s office.

Part of the hype is because of the crazy stunts that happen on TV, the street shows where bizarre things happen like people having their hands glued together, forgetting their name, or even participants thinking that they are invisible

People think that hypnosis is just a trick and that people are just pretending to be hypnotised…but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

While scouring the depths of the internet I found a video from Ellen Degeneres where she quits smoking using hypnosis.  It’s a powerful video to watch because you see the rush of emotions that Ellen goes though.

People have a lifetime of experience with cigarettes, and it becomes a chore that people do throughout the day, when they wake up, when they go out with friends, when they start to feel stressed at work.  Smoking becomes a coping mechanism for people to rely on throughout the day.

Everybody has seen the horrible advertisements on television telling people to quit, and the thought of quitting constantly goes through a smokers mind, just like a student procrastinates. People hate the cigarettes so much they think it’s all about the cigarettes and they overlook the joy that quitting brings to their life as they become happier and healthier.

Congratulations to Ellen for quitting her addiction.

Enjoy the video.