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How To Hypnotize Someone To Do What You Want

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Is it even possible?

Before we can go into HOW to hypnotize someone to do what you want,

let’s first consider if it is at all possible…

The idea of getting someone else to do what you want through hypnosis is an old one, and it has many references in books and movies, even in the occult.

In TV shows like The Mentalist we can see a professional hussler become a CBI advisor who hypnotizes people at a moment’s notice, but even he doesn’t believe you can make people do what they don’t want to do – until he is proven wrong by a powerful hypnotist in the episode Russet Potatoes.

Derren Brown – famous British stage hypnotist filmed an entire episode about making an “ordinary man” commit murder (or believe that he did) in The Assassin – where he found a highly “hypnotizable” man and conditioned him through rigorous trials and preparations to believe he was doing one thing while making him do something else.

So we know that in stories or on TV it’s been done…

But what about real life?

Most hypnosis teachers protect themselves (and indeed the profession of hypnosis itself) by announcing that you can’t hypnotize someone to do anything against their will or their values & beliefs.

Stage hypnotists make people do strange things on stage, that will make the audience laugh, supposedly at their expense.

But you have to remember that these people have volunteered to go on stage and probably knew ahead of time what they were getting themselves into.

Most times it is the extroverts and the ones who love to put on a show who’d volunteer…

or the ones who really need to blow off some steam and want to hide behind the guise of a hypnosis “They made me do it” line.

So how can someone bypass that *values and will* block?

how to hypnotize someone to do what you want

I too believe that you can’t make someone do or say ANYTHING that they do not want to, or anything that violates their beliefs and values, especially their view of the world.

So if that is the case, how can you get someone to do what you want?

The answer is in the premise itself.

If they won’t ever do something that goes against their will or values,

then “help” them cange their values beliefs or will to match the thing you want them to do.

We are all under hypnosis!

It’s actually happening all around us, all of the time!

Politicians use hypnotic language patterns to make their constituents and in fact all of the eligible voters, change beliefs and stretch their values.

Advertisers get people to want things they never even knew they could want.

And sales people know how to find a persons inner desires and tie them to a product to get that person to want it.

So how can YOU do it?!

One of the best ways to “make someone do what you want” with hypnosis, is not to let on that you’re hypnotizing them at all.

Conversational hypnosis is a type of covert hypnosis that goes under the radar so to speak, and to “just talk to them” in a certain way – using hypnotic language patterns to get them around to doing something differently, as if they were under a hypnotic trance.

2 of the best courses I have come across where this is taught are

David Snyder’s Killer Influence course, in which he goes through various language patterns and other covert hypnosis techniques and teaches these skill in a highly methodical way so that both beginners and seasoned hypnotists can gain valuable knowledge and skills from this course.

The other one is the first “official” hypnosis course I ever took, so I have a warm spot for it in my heart, and that is Igor Ledochowski’s Conversational Hypnosis and at its current price point ($37 at the time of writing this article) it is more than worth it, as Igor is a master hypnotist and his lessons are detailed and clear, as he takes you through every aspect of this skill.

The bottom line

To conclude this article, I’d say that it’s true for both hypnosis and outside of it,

that if you want to make someone do what you want them to do,

then the best way is to “make them” want it too.

Combine your interest and agenda with their’s and you have a good start.

Just really be mindful of their own free will, because it’s people’s minds and lives that you’re dealing with here.

I mean you can use hypnosis to get someone through hell on Earth with hypnotherapy or with changing bad habits or limiting beliefs into something else more beneficial,

Or one (not you of course) can make someone else’s life a living hell by implanting damaging beliefs into their mind.

So use any and all of these skills with caution and consideration.

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Tommy Gordon

Written by: Tommy Gordon

I am a hypnotist and an NLP Master Practitioner and I use hypnosis and NLP every day, to improve my own life as well as the lives and businesses of my clients.

I believe in hypnosis as a power for good in this world, and that when you learn and implement it in your own life, you will be able to experience growth and improvement in any aspect you introduce hypnosis into.

Tommy G.