Hypnosis is one of the most fascinating subjects to talk about with people, because depending on where you’re from it’s more than likely you’ve heard stories about this controversial subject. I’ve seen a wide range of emotions as I’ve told people I’m a hypnotist, they’ve ranged from people thinking I’m some sort of ancient witch doctor, to people raising eyebrows and locking up with fear because they think I might steal their wallet.  My favourite, and the most rewarding is when people get struck by a bolt of excitement, and people ask me to hypnotise them. This is my favourite response because hypnosis is a gift you can share with people, to empower their lives, and make people genuinely smile.

If you don’t believe me about that last bit, making people smile, give this small thought experiment a shot.

  1. Think of a small problem like “Person x annoys me when…” and notice what you feel.
  2. Think of something you like, that really makes you happy enough to smile. Now think of the same small problem, only hold a smile or laugh as you think about the problem, and notice what changes.

For most people, in the first step, it’s normal to notice your body feeling a little more tense as you got annoyed, this naturally happens as you plug yourself into a problem. During the second step when you’re smiling, you’re breaking yourself out of a problem loop and attaching positive memories to the situation, breaking down your problem.

If you’re curious about how Hypnosis works, you might like to read this page first.

The 10 Biggest Hypnosis Myths Revealed

Myth 1 – Is Hypnosis Natural?

Yes. Hypnosis is so natural that it occurs everyday in your life without you even realising it. If you’ve experienced any of the following, then it’s safe to say you’ve experienced a trance. Just remember that if we didn’t dive in and out of trances everyday, it will be impossible for us to learn, grow, relax and process information. Some common examples of trance are when you read a book, and you become so engrossed in the story that you forget about everything going on around you. Trance also happens in places we least expect or think we are fully present and aware of what’s going on. How many times have you driven a car along a familiar route, usually on the way home, or perhaps on the way to work, and when you arrive you realise, “Where did the last half hour go?” This is an example of our unconscious mind taking over, and just getting the job done without any interference.

Myth 2 – Is Hypnosis Safe?

Yes Hypnosis is safe, it’s also been recognised by the medical community as a valid form of treatment since 1960. Depending on the sort of therapy, sometimes things like anger or sadness come up – if they do, we’ll deal it in the most effective way for you.

Myth 3 – Hypnosis is NOT Sleep

Most people associate hypnosis with sleep because it’s the closest thing to describe what’s happening. When you watch someone who is being hypnotised, in a stage show, or in a clinical setting, they look incredibly relaxed like they could be sleeping. Actually it’s quite the opposite, when you are in a hypnotic trance, you’re senses will be amplified, and will most likely be more sensitive, so you’ll be able to hear a watch ticking, and if you’re relaxed enough you might even hear your heart beating. As you direct your focus of attention from what is happening on the outside, to what is happening on the inside, the sounds around you will fade away.

Myth 4 – You will NOT forget Everything

This is one of those myths that is over exaggerated. If you go out and watch a movie at the cinema, when you get home and try to describe it to a friend, you’ll be able to give a general outline of the plot and what happens, however it’s unlikely you’ll be able to describe it line for line, scene by scene. And if you can manage to do this, please show me how. The same is true with hypnosis, you’ll just be able to remember some parts more than others.

Myth 5 – You will NOT lose control

Our unconscious mind is really good at looking out for us, ever since we’ve been children, we’ve been absorbing information from the world around us, from our friends, our family and over time we’ve developed a blueprint to how to world works, complete with unique values and opinions that make us who we are. Within hypnosis, even if you were ever asked to do something immoral that violates a core belief of yours, you would probably snap right out of hypnosis and be furious with me, and give me a very stern talking to. In the same way that your unconscious mind protects you, why would it stop protecting you to do something against your will?

Myth 6 – Is Hypnosis Mind Control?

People associate Hypnosis with mind control because of what they see during Stage Hypnosis shows. Stage Hypnosis shows have a pre-selection process occurring to filter through people who will give the best entertainment value. During a show, there is a selection process occurring, and then the best ones get selected to go up on stage. Think of it like a job interview, you write your resume up, and it gets collected into a pool with all the other applicants, and then the best applicants get asked to come in for a job interview because they are the best people suitable for the job.

Myth 7 – You will NOT reveal your darkest secrets

Everybody has their secrets, especially about those embarrassing moments where you might just want to curl up into a ball and cry if anybody were to find out. The irony is that these things are normally so minor, that if people found out it wouldn’t be a big deal anyway. However, your secrets will remain your secrets. A function of our unconscious minds is to protect us from harm and look after us, so why would it reveal secrets about you if it’s trying to protect you at the same time? That being said, anything you choose to talk about is completely confidential.

Myth 8 – You are NOT Gullible or Stupid

Overtime people have developed the idea that only weak minded, or gullible people are only able to be hypnotised. Intelligence is a tricky thing to define, we’re brought up to believe that only people who are good at maths and science are “smart” people, what we appear to miss as a society is that there are also different kinds of intelligence like, being street savvy and knowing how to look after yourself, then of course there’s business smarts. I’m sure sure you’ve heard about some of the greatest minds in the technological world, dropping out of the most prestige colleges in America to follow their dreams and ambitions, and make more than we could even consider in a lifetime. My humble opinion on intelligence, is that it’s your eagerness to learn, and try new things. At least this way you have the option of choosing what’s best for you. Hypnosis doesn’t require you to be smart, but to get the best results, the more passionate you are about your change, the better I can help you.

Myth 9 – You will NOT get stuck in Hypnosis

This myth always gives me a chuckle because people believe what they see in the movies. In Hollywood, when people enter a trance, they instantly get transported to another reality inside their mind, and it becomes an eternal struggle to get out, and if it’s a Disney movie, you get the person of your dreams at the end. I can’t promise you’ll get the person of your dreams at the end, but if I were to suddenly die of spontaneous combustion while you were in a trance, the worst that would happen is that you would drift into a wonderful sleep, and probably very confused at the smouldering ash in front of you when you wake up feeling refreshed.

Myth 10 – I can’t be Hypnotised

Most people are convinced they can’t be hypnotised, or that hypnosis and trance won’t work for them, even though trance is a natural part of everyday life. The same phenomena occurs when we’re children trying to learn to tie our shoelaces. All of a sudden we realise we have these funny things on our feet, these two long pieces to string, and we’re suppose to make them fit together? Of course it’s natural to think it’s impossible. It’s because we haven’t learned how to properly, with the proper instruction and guidance from our parents and guardians, we became an expert at tying shoelaces in no time.