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Learn Hypnosis

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If you’re asking yourself why you should learn hypnosis – this is the article for you!

Hypnosis has always had an air of charm and magic around it. The ability to gain instant influence on someone, with or without their knowledge, is something most of us don’t see in day to day life.

This is probably the reason why, when you say the word hypnosis – people will either react with great interest and enthrallment, or they’ll go to the complete opposite with fear and aversion.

However, since you’re here, I will venture a guess that you are the type of people who actually wants to learn hypnosis because you find it to be interesting, and if you are like me – then you surely find the big H down right fascinating!

Learn Hypnosis

Is learning hypnosis really for you?

Let’s be honest. If you just need a hypnotist to help you with a problem you have – to shed some weight, to deal with a past trauma, or if you want to quit smoking – then you don’t really need to learn hypnosis yourself. You can simply Google hypnotist or hypnotherapist in your area and find a professional to help you.

But if you want to learn to hypnotize people as a professional occupation, or even if you want to use self-hypnosis on yourself – then you will be far better off learning from an experienced trainer who can help you get the skills, and also see you through the challenges you might encounter.

Can anyone do it?

One of the age old myths about hypnosis is that only very skilled highly trained people can learn to hypnotize.

Another myth is that not everyone can be hypnotized. Oddly enough, this was “proven” by putting people in front of a cassette tape with some boring monotone hypnosis induction – without even a trained hypnotist in the room.

But let’s put myths aside. Anyone who is mentally and neurologically healthy can learn to hypnotize – either others, or themselves – and practically anyone can be hypnotized by a professional.

Will they make me cluck like a chicken?

will I cluck-like-a-chicken

Well, not all hypnosis is stage hypnosis. In hypnotherapy and in un-conscious coaching sessions no chickens are allowed 😉 In fact the experience is much more pleasant and relaxing most of the times.

I mean, if you like me have some experience with personal one on one hypnosis, then you know how it feels. Maybe even that is what brought you to want to learn in the first place.

Now, let me tell you a secret – just between you and me – if you ask someone if they can cluck like a chicken, they will show you that they can. No hypnosis is required for that LOL.

So where should you start?

I think this is a matter of personal preference.

I myself started with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and I personally trained with Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) who also teaches hypnosis and trance work.

Then throughout the years, I went deeper into the subject and took workshops, courses and now online trainings with various other teachers and trainers.

I believe in variety as a way to strengthen and widen your skills, but you have to start somewhere.

Which is why I suggest that you check out this online course on Conversational Hypnosis from Igor Ledochowski. It is the first full formal training I ever took in hypnosis per se (after I was already an NLP Practitioner) and Igor goes through the basics very nicely and then takes you deeper to build more savvy skills.

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Tommy Gordon

Written by: Tommy Gordon

I am a hypnotist and an NLP Master Practitioner and I use hypnosis and NLP every day, to improve my own life as well as the lives and businesses of my clients.

I believe in hypnosis as a power for good in this world, and that when you learn and implement it in your own life, you will be able to experience growth and improvement in any aspect you introduce hypnosis into.

Tommy G.