John La Valle

John La Valle studied NLP with several teachers until he finally became a trainer in his own right and started teaching the practitioner and master practitioner NLP certifications.

Since the early 1980’s, John has been co-training with Dr Richard Bandler in various courses based on the principles of NLP, the most known of which are:

  • Persuasion Engineering,
  • Prac. + Master Prac. certifications,
  • DHE (Dynamic Human Engineering),
  • NHR (NeuroHypnotic Repaterning).

From personal acquaintance

I had the pleasure of attending a few of Richard and John’s seminars (PE, DHE, NHR) and I can say that John has a very lively sense of humor.

Both him and Richard like to make the audience laugh as a primer for whatever they are teaching.

Learning with John is a true joy, as he will give you the knowledge for certain, while at the same time laugh with you (and make you laugh) – and all at eye level.

A Jersey Guy

Both John and Richard are from New Jersey, or as John calls it, the attitude capital of the world. Maybe that’s why they get along so well together.

It’s really easy to see through their work together that the relationship between them is one of great respect as well as deep friendship.

So going to study with them in tandem is an enriching experience, because they complement each other synergistically during the seminar.

An interview during the NLP Practitioner course

Check out this short interview with John La Valle at one of the Practitioner seminars in the UK where Richard and John co-train people from all around the world in the technology as they define it, of NLP.

Pure NLP & The Society of NLP

Besides being a trainer, John La Valle is also the owner of Pure NLP (along with his wife Kathleen)

And the president of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming which certifies students from all over the world, in Richard Bandler style & lineage NLP certifications.

Persuasion Engineering - The Book

Persuasion Engineering by Richard Bandler and John La Valle

One of John’s expertise is the application of NLP in busienss and persuasion.

One of the workshops he and Richard co-train to this day (excluding COVID19 times of course) is the Persuasion Engineering seminar (which is also available in video format on John’s website).

In 1996 they had one of the workshops transcribed and published as a book, which you can almost hear them speak out of.

You can get the book on Amazon here.