Dr Richard Bandler

Dr Richard Bandler

Dr Richard Bandler is the Co-creator of NLP and a master hypnotist, as well as a gifted trainer in NLP and hypnosis.

Way back the 1970’s (when he was only 20-25 years old), Dr. Bandler joined hands with Prof. John Grinder to create the field of NLP.

Since then Bandler & Grinder have parted ways, but their work is continuing to inspire hundreds of NLP students around the world.

According to Bandler’s Wikipedia page, he has written over 20 books on hypnosis, NLP, learning skills and the improved use of one’s mind to gain a better life.

Check out Richard Bandler’s author page on Amazon for his publications – most of his books were also translated to various other languages.

What is Dr Richard Bandler saying, really?

Let me start by saying that we can’t really tell.

Richard Bandler has said this himself more than once – he is telling hypnotic stories.

The truth in these stories doesn’t matter. Only their affect.

Another aspect of this I have noticed, from hearing a few of Richard’s stories more than once is that even if put to the side the way Richard is (masterfully) using nested loops, his stories have layers of meaning, which reveal themselves upon further listening.

So basically, only Richard knows all that Richard is saying.

That said, I can tell you that I did notice a very strong message that goes through virtually all of Richard’s seminars, books and interview,

And it goes like this:

To live a better, more fulfilled and pleasurable life,

We would do better for ourselves to think rather than just remember,

To use our own mind and neurology wisely – by learning the way it works, and utilizing it to our benefit, rather than letting the system drive the bus for us on autopilot (or auto-driver)

And asking effective questions is a great way to enjoy and improve our lives.

Changing The World Through Words

In his early books and seminars, Dr Bandler has revealed to the world, his discoveries on the way we think and represent the world and our own experience to ourselves.

Through these ideas Dr Bandler gave us a way to change the way we think and feel about events, in a way that revolutionized therapy!

By modeling therapists from various fields of knowledge, Bandler and Grinder have managed to create a system of knowledge, techniques and methods that can assist any person in changing the way they interact with the world and the way they feel about it.

Their books The Structure of Magic and Frogs Into Princes gave a new perspective for human perception and especially in a therapeutic point of view, even though Dr Bandler does not regard himself as a therapist but rather a teacher – who teaches people how to use their own internal system in a wiser, more productive way.

Children's (hypnotic) Books

Richard Bandler's The Adventures of Anybody
Dr Richard Bandler’s children’s book: The Adventures of Anybody

Among Richard’s numerous books he had authored and co-authored, he has also written 2 children’s books (which he dedicated to his grandson).

In these books he tells enchanting entrancing stories that affect both the listening children and the adults reading them.

Prepare to go into trance

I have to say I was going in and out of trance numerous times while reading The Adventures of Anybody to my own children.

There is also an excellent audio version for The Adventures of Anybody – endorsed by Dr Bandler himself and narrated by Harry Nichols.

COVID19 Personal Message from Richard Bandler

At the beginning of the COVID19 outbreak, Dr Bandler published a personal encouraging message to the world through YouTube. Here it is:

Here's My Experience

After reading some of Richard’s books and watching hours upon hours of videos from him on YouTube,

I went to study with Dr Bandler in person, and to this date I have attended 4 of his seminars (with John La-Valle as his co-trainer).

I can say that to study with Dr Bandler is hypnotizing for sure!

Seeing him set and fire NLP anchors on stage is a joy that has left me, as a trained NLP practitioners speechless and with mouth wide open with amazement (I saw him set about 15 different anchors on stage with this woman…).

So learning NLP and hypnosis from a master at this level, or hearing his hypnotic stories was an inspiring and very enriching experience.

Want to keep up to date with Dr Bandler?

Check out Dr Bandler’s website at https://richardbandler.com/ for more information and for current up to date schedule of further training programs.

You can also find online material here (some of it is free)