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Privacy Policy

In short: your privacy is 100% protected.

This means that unless I am bound by law authorities, under no circumstances will I ever sell, give or share your details or information.

I may ask your permission to share some information with the other members of the site, or as testimonials to show interested people that what I do here is legit and actually helps real people – i.e. you – so that they are convinced to invest their time and money in their life, as you have in yours, through the courses and programs on this site, or recommended by me.

Of course, any information that you share via comments, forum posts or your member information will be shown on the site (except certain contact details, such as your email, which will remain between you and me so long as you don’t write it down in a forum post). Anything that you write in either a comment or a forum post is open for any person who has access to that area – be it anyone, if we’re referring to comments on open posts or open forums threads, or just members if we’re referring to members’ only areas.

Any information that you may send directly to either myself (Tommy) or to the team behind Hypnotic Reviews / Learning Hypnosis and its derivatives is kept confidential, unless you explicitly give your permission to make it public – you’re the boss when it comes to your own information.

The use of technology and your privacy

We may and do use cookies and electronically / technologically collected data either for statistical analysis (e.g. Google Analytics) and for remarketing (e.g. Google Adwords).

You may find out more about these uses on the internet, and in fact I may do a whole program about it at some point.

Suffice it to say that this data is not personal, and none of your personal information is delivered through it.

Any use of third party systems such as Google Analytics is under their privacy notes, which you can find on their sites.

I wish you an enjoyable and profitable learning and sharing experience.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links and recommended products are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase through my link, then I will receive a commission from the seller (it can for example be the course owner if it’s a course, or Amazon for books etc.).

It is vital to know 2 things regarding affiliate links: 1. The price you pay through my link is the same or even lower than the price offered directly / through regular web search, and 2. I will only recommend courses, training programs and books from teachers I have personally studied with (either online or in person).

If you choose not to use my link, it is of course your right and choice, and you can decide whether to Google them by name or simply use the links on this website.

Trance on!

Tommy G.