Who am I?

Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer for the Hypnosis Training Academy.

Rob has studied hypnosis innovators such as Dr. Milton Erickson and Igor Ledochowski.

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Our Unique Process Is Designed Specifically For You

All our sessions are designed specifically for you.

Everybody is unique, therefore nobody has the same problem or circumstances.   If you want the best results you need something that will fit your life.

Unfortunately many people in the self development industry work off “techniques” and “scripts” and try to make you to fit their process, rather than giving you what you actually need.  Which means their clients get less than satisfactory results.

We do not believe in this approach because there is no “cookie cutter” approach when it comes to personal development, so everything is customised for you.

How Hypnosis Will Help You


Improve Your HealthQuit Smoking

There is no better time to quit smoking! Our method is quick, effective and has worked on thousands of people.


Create the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted. It is easier than you think!

Improve Your TrainingFears and Phobias

Dissolve those fears and phobias that are holding you back from going beyond your dreams!

Hypnotic Pain Control - Remove Pain From Your BodyPain Control

Nobody should suffer from pain.  Put your body and mind at ease so you can move freely again.


About Hypnosis

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What others have been saying

Igor Ledochowski, Founder of the Hypnosis Training Academy

Rob has developed hundreds of hours of practical experience in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy and transformed the lives of people around him.  Rob brings a very high level of enthusiasm and passion into his trainings and is extremely driven to help his clients breakthrough their problems and transform their lives.

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Andrew Hodge, Dating & Relationship Coach for Women

Understanding people and what makes them tick is essential to running a successful business. Also having the fundamental knowledge in how to sell to people and increase your sales is vitally important. Working with Rob gave me the understanding of how to sell effectively and know how to deal with difficult customers.

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Steve Mayeda, Keynote Speaker at the 21 Convention

In the last few months after fully committing to Rob's 8 Weeks of Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs I have launched a massive product - creating 40 hours of video, over 400 pages of content and marketing it to the world.  My expression, ability to carry a message has surpassed the initial goal to just 'think better', now I have become a force of nature.

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Ellinor, Dance Performer & Yoga Instructor

I decided to let Rob try to help me with hypnosis and I was amazed by how deep into my mind I could go and how good it made me feel. It all resulted in that I made a commitment to myself and now I've been a vegetarian for a couple of months and I feel great and proud- all with the help from only one hypnosis session.

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Yassir, Student at RMIT University

It's been a month and a day and my addiction is gone beyond any doubt. It's a thing of the past. After battling it out for a year, all I needed was a session with unity hypnosis and the problem was solved. I still feel indebted. But I've never felt so liberated, ever!

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